Battery Testing
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Your back-up systems are only as good as the batteries. Make sure that your batteries are ready to pick-up the load with these testers. Click here for a refresher on Battery Basics. Click here for Megger's Battery Testing Guide or Battery Failure Modes Application Note.
  • From Pnu Power, Compressed Air Batteries for utilities offer utilities a less expensive and more reliable alternative to traditional stand-by batteries. Pnu Power compressed air batteries offer consistently high performance and power availability while being highly reliable. They are low maintenance and easy-to-install (plug-and-play.) These batteries have a low initial cost, as well as low cost over the battery's life time. Units operate using standard cylinders and have a low environmental impact,

  • Megger, Inc.'s Programma TORKEL 840/860 Battery Load Units test batteries while they are in service and will adjust to include the load current in the test procedures. User adjustable alarms and shutdown points avoid excessive battery discharge. The TORKEL 840 is for battery systems ranging from 12 to 250 V like those often found in switchgear and similar equipment. The TORKEL 860 is used for battery systems 12 to 480 V. The units offer flexibility in testing/discharge procedures and two units can be used together if a higher current is required. The TORKEL 860-MULTI provides excellent discharging capacity, a broad voltage range, and outstanding portability.

  • Megger Inc.'s Battery Impedance Test Equipment, BITE 3 is the latest in battery testing and measures impedance, cell voltage, intercell connection resistance, as well as float current, ripple current, and the harmonic content of the ripple current. It stores data on more than one million cells and has on-board calculations that help better determine what cells need replacing and trends data to better know when to replace entire string. The BITE 3 tests lead acid batteries up to 2000Ah in quiescent and noisy battery systems. Testing with the BITE 3 is done quickly and easily while batteries are online. ProActiv software is included. Optional probe extensions allow testing of UPS batteries.

  • Megger, Inc.'s Battery Impedance Test Equipment, BITE 2 and BITE 2P with printer are designed to help determine overall battery system condition via on-line impedance and DC terminal voltage measurements of secondary batteries. The units are designed for use with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium cells of up to 7000 Ah capacity. Testing is done while the power system is on-line and the estimated test time is less than 30 seconds for each cell. Impedance is calculated automatically and requires no battery discharge. ProActiv software included. Optional probe extensions allow testing of UPS batteries.

  • Megger, Inc.'s ProActiv - battery database management tool organizes battery information and test results, as well performs trending and data analysis. This enables you to effectively manage batteries and make educated decisions about battery maintenance and replacement.

  • Megger, Inc.'s Battery Ground-Fault Locator and Battery Ground-Fault Tracer track and locate ground faults in ungrounded DC battery systems or floating battery systems respectively.

  • Megger offers a Digital Hydrometer and other battery accessories for use with the BITE product line help to accurately and quickly determine specific gravity of flooded battery cells. For details, contact TruPower Associates.

  • Arga Controls' panel mounted battery monitor provides a DC voltage meter to monitor reading of battery + or - to ground and ground fault voltages. The unit automatically indicates the ground anywhere on the system and has optional outputs to provide signals to SCADA, PA, or PLC applications.

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