Cable Fault Locating Equipment
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To enhance your cable fault knowledge, check-out Megger's Cable Fault Locating Application Guides for information on cable fault locating theory, cable conditioning, cable fault locating solutions, and more.
  • Megger, Inc.'s PFL22M1500 Power Cable Fault Locator System finds cable faults in underground residential distribution systems quickly and easily including HV insulation. The unit tests using arc reflection method, arc reflection plus, differential arc reflection, pulse-echo, and impulse current. A new style auto-ranging MTDR cable analyzer that can be used as a TDR and a transient analyzer is built into the lid. The inductive arc reflection filter delivers more energy to the fault location with a fast charging energy surge of 1500 joules at 8/16 kV to detect faults even in joints and terminations. The unit has a 20 kV proof tester and 115 mA burner for testing and conditioning of faults. All of these capabilities come in a highly portable, rugged, weatherproof unit.

  • Megger, Inc.'s PFL40A 1500/2000 Power Cable Fault Locator and High Voltage Test System is a constant energy system offering the same cable fault locating tools as the PFL20M above with automatic testing using Megger's new style auto-ranging MTDR. A fast charging induction filter delivers an energy surge to 2000 joules at 8, 16, or 34 kV (4 kV, 1500 joule range optional.) The unit has a 40 kV proof tester and 120mA burner. A voltage decay coupler is available as an option. The PFL40A can locate faults on a wide variety of cables including URD systems or duct bank/vault applications. All of these capabilities come in a highly portable, rugged, weatherproof unit.

  • Megger, Inc.'s New Pinpointer MPP1000 is designed to locate faults in shielded and direct buried electrical cables by detecting the electromagnetic and acoustic pulses emitted for an arcing fault when it is surged. The Pinpointer can determine relative distance to the fault and direction. The unit features ambient noise reduction headphones, so background interference is eliminated with the push of a button.

  • Megger, Inc.'s Suitcase Impulse Generator is compact and lightweight (just 41 pounds), so it can be carried easily by one operator. This unit is effective on cable rated to 15 kV.

  • Megger, Inc.'s L1070 and L1071 Portable Locators locate buried cable and pipe in long or short range, inductive or conductive, and active or passive situations. The units combine high power and low frequency to provide maximum flexibility for difficult utility locating applications. The L1050 Portable Locator is a lightweight, highly accurate path locator well suited for multi-grounded electrical distribution service, continuously grounded water pipes, and more.

  • Megger, Inc.'s Biddle High-Voltage DC Dielectric Test Sets (HIPOT) (70, 120, and 160 kV) are portable and have dependable DC high-voltage sources for checking the quality of electrical power cables, motors, switchgear, insulators, transformers, and capacitors. These units are designed for reliability, advanced performance, and optimum operator safety.

  • NEW Cable Fault Testing Tool... Wolf-Tape water-oil-level flexible tape is a specially designed tape measure to provide an instantaneous, clear indication of the level or oil /dielectric fluid on top of water in an enclosed vault. Determine the appropriate oil remediation scheme for the job easily and quickly with this innovative, easy-to-use product.

TruPower Associates also has 5 kV Insulation Resistance Testers (Megger's) available for cable testing.

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