Circuit Breaker Analyzers
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  • Megger, Inc.'s Programma EGIL Circuit Breaker Analyzer is an automatic timer and motion analyzer for medium and high-voltage substation circuit breakers. The easy-to-use, reliable EGIL tests three phase breakers up to 240kV. The unit offers features normally found in more expensive units like dual-function timing channels for main and pre-insertion resistor contacts, pre-programmed standard circuit breaker operations modes, and automatic measurement of timing characteristics. Perhaps best of all, the unit is compact and very lightweight (22 pounds with accessories and transport case.)

  • Megger, Inc.'s Programma TM1800 Circuit Breaker Analyzer System provides powerful, advanced circuit breaker testing in a user configurable, modular design that customizes a system that is just right for you. The TM1800 has a built-in PC with CABA Local software that supplies predetermined breaker test plans (templates), onsite measurement view and analysis, database interface, and a common test data archive. Add to that increased safety with DualGuardTM technology that allows testing of the circuit breaker while both grounding points are in place, graphical results for quick interpretation, and technology that streamlines testing to make the process fast and easy -- and you have it all!.

  • Coordinated Power Engineering's Short Circuit and Coordination Studies will ensure that power system protective devices are sized, set, and calibrated properly, as well as have the proper interrupting/withstand ratings. A Short Circuit Study will determine the "worst case" fault level at each electrical distribution component. Fault levels are then compared to the interrupting rating of the existing devices to determine if the protective devices are rated properly. The Coordination Study will determine the optimum protective device/settings to minimize the area of an outage in the event of a fault.

Also, see Low Resistance Ohmmeters for testing of circuit breaker contacts.

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