Transformer Cooling Fans

Represented by TruPower Associates, Fluidix manufacturers superior quality products at competitive prices. Look at these quality features and then compare:

  • Long life & dependability – High quality Fluidix fans have proven dependability and long service life for the cooling of transformers and other heavy electrical equipment.

  • Weatherproof – Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, Fluidix fans are ideal for outdoor use.

  • Durable & rugged – Fluidix cooling fan assemblies have a rugged, durable motor with a stainless steel shaft and one-piece cost aluminum blades. Both are designed for durability under continuous use conditions.

  • Quiet, low vibration – Because Fluidix fan blades are aerodynamically designed, dynamically balanced and constructed of one-piece cast aluminum, they provide high CFM airflow at a very low noise level and minimum vibration.

TruPower Associates can help with engineering assistance to determine proper fan size and CFM requirements. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at the competitive price of these high-quality fans. Fans available in 2 or 4-blade models, with motors from 1/8 hp to 1/2 hp. For more information, contact TruPower Associates at (410) 242-2300 or contact us online by clicking here.

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