Electrical Engineering Services
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  • Coordinated Power Engineering's Short Circuit and Coordination Studies are possibly the most important step toward ensuring safe and reliable electrical service. There is so much at risk if something goes wrong, so it is critical that power system protective devices be sized, set, and calibrated properly, as well as have the proper interrupting/withstand ratings. If a fault occurs, everything must work like clockwork! A Short Circuit Study will determine the "worst case" fault level at each electrical distribution component. Fault levels are then compared to the interrupting rating of the existing devices to determine if the protective devices are rated properly. The Coordination Study will determine the optimum protective device/settings to minimize the area of an outage in the event of a fault.

  • Coordinated Power Engineering's Power Quality Solutions will provide a comprehensive analysis to solve power quality problems. This might include system monitoring, verification of equipment application and installation, and/or review of manufacturer's procedures. They will track down the source of the problem and make recommendations to correct it.

  • Coordinated Power Engineering provides electrical drawing services using state- of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD). Updated electrical drawings are so important. If something goes wrong with your power system, you need immediate access to accurate power system information

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