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  • Wolf-Tape water-oil-level flexible tape is designed to provide an instantaneous, clear indication of the level or oil /dielectric fluid on top of water in an enclosed vault. Determine the appropriate oil remediation scheme for the job easily and quickly with this innovative, easy-to-use product.

  • Fluidix transformer cooling fan assemblies and controls are weatherproof, dependable, quiet (low vibration) and durable.

  • Fluidix on-line oil filtering systems help to extend the life of electrical equipment, as well as maintain the dielectric strength of insulating oils, by removing particles and other contaminants from tap changer oil without interrupting its operation. Fluidix also produces portable oil filtration systems for use on small transformers and voltage breakers in electrical substations. The unit uses a cartridge filter to remove particulates and moisture. The portable unit may be purchased with a filter bypass for discarding reusable oil and/or a second chamber that utilizes activated clay (Fuller's earth) to remove soluble contaminants.

  • KVA produces transformer parts. Call TruPower Associates at (410) 242-2300 or e- mail by clicking here for details on how KVA parts can keep your transformer in good repair.
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