Power Quality Monitors and Analyzers
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Ensuring that your power system is on-line all the time and delivering high quality power is no easy task. The key is accurate power data and having easy access to the information. We have the solution for your power quality challenges! Contact us to discuss the your application. Call (410) 242-2300 or click here to contact us.

  • Megger, Inc.'s PA-9 Plus Portable Power Quality Analyzer is a multi-functional power analyzer with 9 input channels (4 voltage, 5 current) for monitoring typical and complete 3-phase services; on board display of waveforms, harmonics, and direction of harmonic power flow; large 12 megabyte internal memory; self-powered and powers flexible current probes; AC or DC powered; and a high-speed sampling rate - 256 samples/cycle.

  • Megger, Inc.'s new PA-9 Wireless is the PA-9 power monitor outfitted with wireless capabilities in order to communicate with the unit remotely via your cellular network. No more back and forth to collect data on a remote unit, you can save travel time and money by looking at the data from your desktop. What's more, this full-featured PQ instrument is in a new rugged, NEMA 4 case and operates in a wide range of operating temperatures making it perfect for outdoor projects. The unit can power itself from 90-240VAC 50Hz or 100-600VDC. Applications ideal for this unit include long term power quality applications or those with intermittent problems …especially in remote locations, wireless PQ monitoring of substations, and monitoring of locations without phone lines even pole monitoring.

  • For utilities - Megger's MDP series of Distribution Profilers help to easily and accurately evaluate loading on feeders and overhead lines, as well as identify needed upgrades or replacements. Units record current up to 1000 amps with an additional 200 amp over-range and have advanced software for sophisticated testing. Test data available includes power factor, power and relative voltage magnitude, waveform capture, and harmonic analysis up to the 32nd order. Three models of profilers are available to meet your application. Lightweight, durable units are easy to use and install.

  • Megger, Inc.'s meter adapter recorders are a complete recorder in a meter adapter. Just plug-in to Forms 2S, 12S, or 25S meters to record voltage and current at the meter. These high-performance meter adapter recorders detect sags, swells, flicker, loose neutrals, and harmonic events. Features include half cycle response time, sub cycle event capture as fast as 65 seconds, flicker recording, internal display with indicating LEDs, and an optically isolated RS-232 port that allows viewing of real-time voltage/current and data retrieval without uninstalling the recorder. Metrosoft software makes report writing a snap. Units are upgradeable to a complete power analyzer with harmonic analysis through the 50th harmonic.

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