Oil Filtering Systems for Transformers and Electrical Equipment
On-line Systems: An on-line Fluidix oil filtering system will extend tap changer life and maintain dielectric strength of insulating oils by removing particles, moisture, and contaminants without interrupting equipment operation. The Fluidix OLF-501 is self- contained and can be mounted on the transformer tank or the tap changer compartment. The system is enclosed in a NEMA Type 3 ventilated cabinet suitable for outdoor installation and has a rotary gear mounted pump. The filter assembly houses a cellulosic, fiber-filtering elements rated at 2 microns, 75 psig collapse pressure, with a 2 gpm flow rate. The system operates at a low noise level and is equipped with a strip heater and thermostat set at 70º ± 2º F that keeps moisture and condensation out of the cabinet.

Portable Systems: Fluidix manufactures portable filters that operate at 5 - 20 gallons per minute. These units are ideal for small transformers and voltage breakers in electrical substations. Oil is directed through a cartridge filtering system to remove particles and moisture. An optional second chamber can be added to remove acids and other contaminants by directing the oil through activated clay (Fuller's earth). An optional filter bypass can be used for discarding reusable oil. The unit has a rotary gear pump with a built-in pressure release valve and weighs approximately 140 pounds.

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Oil Filtration Trailers: Fluidix manufactures a Trailer Mounted Oil Filtration System, which is a self-contained, oil processing system on a trailer and can easily be moved from place to place over public and private roads. The system is designed to retrieve oil, flush the chamber, process the oil by removing water and particulates, and refill the apparatus. The system is ideal for processing insulating oil in transformer tap changers, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, and switchgear. Designed with an oil holding tank and two chambers for oil processing, the unit removes water and particulates to extend the life of insulating oil and maintain dielectric strength.

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