Partial Discharge Detection Tools
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Partial Discharge (PD) is an electrical discharge or spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes. PD can occur at any point in the insulation and provides clear evidence that an asset is deteriorating in a way that is likely to lead to failure, damage to equipment, and/or an unscheduled network outage. Measuring PD activity can help you determine possible insulation degradation of medium-voltage and high-voltage assets like important switchgear and circuit breakers.
  • EA Technology's UltraTEV DetectorTM is an easy-to-use, hand held partial discharge (PD) detector with dual sensors that provides simple, "first pass" identification of surface and internal PD activity.

  • EA Technology's UltraTEV Plus+TM measures partial discharge (PD) activity and enables a more detailed identification and comparison of PD activity. The lightweight, ergonomically designed hand set provides a range of information, including numerical values for Transient Earth Voltage (TEV), ultrasonic readings, and more. This allows operators to compare readings between assets, as well as trend and compare single asset readings over time. The UltraTEV Plus+TM; also includes a headphone socket for audible readings of ultrasonic activity, allowing operators to ‘hear’ PD activity directly as they undertake their asset condition surveys. Complete details - UltraTEV Plus+ Operations manual.

  • EA Technology's UltraTEV LocatorTM is the ultimate in asset condition assessment and partial discharge detection. Like the UltraTEV Plus+TM, it detects and identifies PD, but it also locates the PD activity within 30cm. Additional sensors measure other environmental factors that effect PD making the UltraTEV LocatorTM the most sophisticated and accurate instrument for assessing the condition of electrical assets.

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