Power Factor Test Sets
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  • Megger, Inc.'s Delta 4000 is the versatile 12 kV insulation power factor/dissipation test system. The Delta 4000 has the latest technology with innovative features like intelligent temperature correction that shows the correct temperature measurement taken at high and low temperatures (eliminating the need for temperature tables) and automatic voltage dependence detection (a method for detecting voltage dependence to determine if a tip-up test is needed.) The unit generates its own signal, providing a clean, reliable signal and the highest accuracy. Plus, the Delta 4000 performs complete Doble tests (insulation power factor.) The lightweight, modular design of the Delta 4000 makes it easy to transport and saves on shipping costs. The unit is easy-to-use, rugged for field use, and operates with Megger's PowerDB software..

  • Megger, Inc.'s Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Test Sets are used to evaluate the nature and quality of electrical insulation materials and systems. Available in 2.5 kV and 12 kV models, these units provide interference suppression circuits for testing in high-voltage switchyards, automatic balancing of dissipation factor, and direct readout of capacitance, dissipation factor, and watts dissipated.

  • Megger, Inc.'s CB-100 is a self-contained low-voltage capacitance and insulation power factor test set. The unit weighs only 14 pounds, making it ideal for field applications, and uses under 600 V for testing to limit operator exposure to high voltage.

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