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The only way to know for sure if your protective relays are working properly is though testing and simulating a fault condition. TruPower Associates is your resource for relay testing and ensuring relay operation.

  • The Megger SMRT36 Protective Relay System is a small, lightweight, rugged, and extremely powerful three-phase relay test system that can be operated with or without a computer in the field. In fact, the SMRT36 is the smallest, lightest relay test system on the market today. The unit offers automatic testing with Advanced Visual Test Software (AVTS) using high current, high power of 60 Amps/300 VA rms per phase (constant power output). Using the intuitive Smart Touch View Interface (optional), the SMRT36 can conduct manual, steady-state, and dynamic testing quickly and easily with built-in, pre-set test routines for most popular relays.

  • The Megger Protective Relay Test System (MPRT) is a multipurpose, lightweight test set that is easy-to-use automatically or manually and does not require a computer even in the manual mode. The unit features constant power output that is sustainable through the entire "power curve" of a test. The unit features automatic testing with Advanced Visual Test Software (AVTS) that includes preset test routines for more than 100 popular relays. In addition, the MPRT has four communication ports and a combined voltage and generator component (VIGEN) that delivers four voltages and either four or eight currents. Manual testing can be done easily with TouchView interface The unit is ideal for testing transducers.

  • Megger Inc.'s Programma Sverker 750/760 Relay Test Sets are designed to test single phase relays although they can also test three phase protections (one phase at a time or with interconnected units.) The Sverker can also be used to test automatic reclosing devices. Because the units offer high current/high power output and 0 to 360 degrees phase shifting capability, they can test protective relays that require phase shifting.

  • Megger Inc.'s Programma Phase Angle Meter PAM360E is ideal for substation and industrial environments, With switchable current and voltage output, the PAM360E allows measurement of a variety of power signal phase angles.

  • Megger, Inc.'s PMM-1 Power MultiMeter measures AC voltage, AC primary and secondary current, power, reactive power, phase angle, power factor, and frequency of a single or three-phase electrical system. This highly accurate unit also measures harmonic content simultaneously of any selective voltage or current.

  • State's relay terminal blocks and test switches are designed to facilitate the calibration, disconnection, troubleshooting, checkout, and testing of protective relays.

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