Terminal Blocks & Test Switches
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  • States terminal blocks and test switches provide easy access to wiring on panel boards and switchboards. They are designed to facilitate the calibration, disconnecting, troubleshooting, checkout, and testing of meters, relays, instruments, transducers, and control systems. Widely acclaimed for their unique sliding-link disconnect feature that permits the insertion of an indicating instrument or artificial load into a circuit without disturbing permanent wiring, States terminal blocks eliminate reconnection errors, save time, and allow work to be done on energized panels. Terminal blocks have high barriers that prevent shorting between poles, are available up to 73 poles on a single base, are Class 1E qualified per IEEE, and are recognized by UL and CUL.The States line of test switches include front-connected, back-connected, semi flush-mounted, and flush-mounted switches. For details and data sheets, click on the type of switch from the following list: FMS Semiflush Mounted Switches, Type SJK Test Switches, Type SMH Test Switches, MTS Miniature Test Switches, or Type RTS test switches.

  • States FMS 19-Inch Rack Mounting System is a compact, versatile system that can be mounted in a single, double, or triple rack.

  • States (Terminal Blocks & Switches) has introduced 10 and 14 pole potential test paddles designed to make the test technician's job easier. With this unique design, test technicians can use just one hand to connect to a test switch

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