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  • Megger Inc.'s Phazer Watthour Meter Test & Calibration System is a true three-phase, fully automatic test set capable of testing virtually all types of ANSI socket-mounted and bottom-connected single and three-phase meters. The PHAZER tests watthour meters with installed Turtle made by Hunt Technologies without taking the Turtle out of operation. The unit features a built-in three-phase calibration standard; a remote, state-of-the-art optical sensor/control system; and programmable voltage and current sources. The Windows-based software allows the user to develop meter test plans and includes a database manager and a report generator. The automated meter test socket saves set-up time with its unique solenoid activated jaws that automatically open when the meter is moved toward the socket opening and close automatically when the meter is inserted.

  • Megger Inc.'s Phantom Loads Testers and Portable Watthour Meter Standards are designed for testing watthour meters. The E-Z Test Meter Test Jacks simplify testing socket-type watthour meters and provide increased safety.

  • Megger Inc.'s Meter Adapter Recorders are a complete recorder in a meter adapter. Just plug-in to Forms 2S, 12S, or 25S meters to record voltage and current at the meter. These high-performance meter adapter recorders detect sags, swells, flicker, loose neutrals, and harmonic events. Features include half cycle response time, sub cycle event capture as fast as 65 seconds, flicker recording, internal display with indicating LEDs, and an optically isolated RS-232 port that allows viewing of real-time voltage/current and data retrieval without uninstalling the recorder. Units are upgradeable to a complete power analyzer.

  • Megger Inc.'s Power MultiMeter PMM-1 is the answer to quick and easy checking of circuit configuration, including phase-angle measurement.

  • Megger Inc.'s Current Transformer Excitation, Ratio and Polarity Test Set (CTER-91) is a portable, multi-function test set used to determine the electrical characteristics of current transformers.

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